Romans 4
Day 36 Bible Study -  with Dr. June Knight

We learned a lot about Abraham and what he went through with Lot. See Lot left Abraham with half the people (thousands or a million). However in the end when the judgment poured out, he only left with his wife and family. Many in his family did not want to leave. Then the perverted people wanted to have sex with the angels. Lot was so embarrassed. So, when he left his wife turned around because she couldn't let that country go. WE MUST LET OUR COUNTRY GO BECAUSE IT IS FOREVER GONE! THE OLD AMERICA WILL NEVER RETURN. We have crossed over into Tribulation and now we are approaching our destiny. We must not LUST AFTER THE PAST AND WHAT WE HAD BUT PREPARE FOR THE FUTURE. 

The world is merging Bride. The economies, religions, and money. The church is about to go through the most terrible persecution. OUR IMAGE WILL BE DESTROYED BY THE ENEMY. This is why we must let our image go and Give it to God. Many people will take the mark because they can't stand for their image to suffer. GET OVER THIS. THE MARK IS BEING ROLLED OUT NOW.

The Antichrist is about to be revealed. We must follow God and the angels during this judgment. TRUST GOD.