Revelation 4
Day 34 Bible Study w/Dr. June Knight
We are created in the image of God. The enemy wants to destroy the true image of God and taint us with his technology and cause us to be hybrids. God wants us pure and set apart for His glory. He wants us to be in His FULL EXPRESSION of how He's created us to be.
Dr. June has written ten books pertaining to the end of time. Mark of the Beast, Clarion Call to UNITY in the Bride of Christ, Organic Christianity, Shut the Gates, etc. Her four newest books pertain to what is happening right now! Released in Spring 2020, these four books, The American Quad, deal with apostasy, judgment, idols, and our role in all this. She has also written one children's book called Snookums. To purchase Dr. June's books go to
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