Galatians 3 & Genesis 12
Day 15 - 40 Day w/Dr. June Knight - Galatians 3 & Genesis 12

The Lord is encouraging us to break free from the law. Do not get bound up in laws and the Hebrew Roots movement. It hardens your heart and causes pride to rise up. Many people that "go back" are hanging Jesus on the cross again and making his sacrifice of none effect. Dr. June also talked about us putting our love in wrong places and making it or them an idol. She used as an example a dog. It is easier for us to love an animal who gives us unconditional love and doesn't "buck" us. Some people will make that animal or animals an idol and puts them over their family members, spouses, children etc. They will have a mean dog who makes every guest in their home feel unwelcome. They will choose that animal over relationships. See God wants us to have healthy relationships with humans and it's going to take BEING CHANGED. God wants us changed. We must remain moldable, changeable, and willing to be corrected and taught by our family members on HOW to love. Animals can become a crutch and used in a selfish way because we can receive from them what we want from humans, which is unconditional love. The Lord wants us to not have idols and to put humans first again. Put your faith out there and heart again and allow it to grow by relationships. This takes faith in God to open up. Some people will not obey God because of their animals. They're always worried about taking care of them. Animals are only temporary. SOULS ARE ETERNAL.

God also encouraged us today that we are the seed of Abraham and heir to his promises by God. This means God wants to bless us.