Psalm 41 & 3 John 1
Day 6 Bible Study w/Dr. June Knight - Psalm 41 & 3 John 1

The Lord confirmed to us that we must be delivered of the spirit of rejection. He wants us to give those that have hurt us to Him. He wants us to be delivered of soul-ties and perversion. God is doing a deep work in our hearts. He is letting us know as well that He wants to shine his face upon us. He is with us to heal us, deliver us and set us free these forty days!!! God wants us to be lovers of truth. The truth brings God much joy. The truth is how we love people. Do not agree with them when the Devil lies to them. "Be fellow helpers of the TRUTH". The Lord talked about enemies who work against us. Let them go to God. He also says that THOSE THAT DO GOOD ARE OF GOD. God let us know as well that when we consider the poor HE WILL TAKE CARE OF US. God will favor us and have mercy. God desires to heal us and deliver us. We do this through giving away the love of God. Help the poor, etc. God wants to hold us up in our integrity. God is amazing!