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Merry Christmas Bride!

We love you all and pray you have a wonderful weekend with your families. We published an article yesterday that will help you to communicate the truth of the V. It has all the links they need to follow to discuss the truth. We went over it last night LIVE.  We discovered and proved that:

1. It does contain technology that will suck you into the matrix forever. 

2. You will be monitored and never have privacy again.

3. Your body will be a machine - they call it man-to-machine. Your nanobots inside will be sending information about your "system" to the Beast.

I showed videos last night about what the World Economic Forum thinks about this new Artificial Intelligence Ai. We also discussed how sad it is that our "Christian leaders" are sucking people into this hole. 

This leads to where we are at on this Christmas. Our families are following this because of the mainstream media and church. The matrix is sucking them in. All we can do it send them information, warn them and pray for them. We must give them to God. We can ONLY CONTROL WHAT WE DO.

So, our plan of action begins next week. On New Year's Eve we will have a celebration at the office FOR LOCALS ONLY. Our Governor has basically locked down businesses here and limits us to 10 people. So, we will do this LIVE for the midnight warfare.


The Lord said for us to do a 40-Day fast and to prepare for what's coming in 2021. So, what I saw was us standing at the River Jordan. We see Pharoah's army coming behind us. We see the massive amounts of people against us with blood in their mouths. We know they want to kill us every which way but loose.  We have nowhere else to turn BUT JESUS! 

So, I see us at the river - the very few who trust God enough to give their lives and refuse the matrix. So, on New Year's Eve, we will take our rod  and cast it into the waters of faith and WALK INTO IT NOT KNOWING HOW GOD IS GOING TO LEAD US IN 2021. So we will go FORWARD and leave the mess and horror behind us. We will put on our war boots and march in the army of the living God! We will see the fire leading us in the wilderness. God will be with us through it all!



So, Get ready for war Bride! On New Year's Eve we are going to watch the water's depart and we will see the glory and miracles of God as we enter the desert! Are you ready?

I will do another post about the fasting part and what will contain the 40-Day plan.

Love you all and have a Merry Christmas! We win! We have Jesus!


Dr. June Knight

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