Day 11 of Prayer Call
January 11, 2017

Day 11 of Prayer Call

Passage: Psalm 118, 23, Romans 8:28
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Today on the call was Prophetess Janet Crews, Intercessor Karin Duplessis, Dr. Judy Laird and Dr. June Knight.

Day #11 Topic - First Class Noticer

Dr. Judy explained to everyone that The Greek word for Watchmen is  Shamar. It means protector. We talked about being the gates over your families in prayer (children).  She talked about in Matthew saying "ask, seek, and knock). She gave a word, " T he same keys that  God put in the hands of Peter saying "Who do you say I am?" God will put the keys to the kingdom in our hands.

Dr. June explained the concept "Partnering with Heaven". The group talked about the power of the tongue. We are the light of the world. Hope deferred makes the heart sick.  Obedience is key to your destiny.

Janet Crews talks about forgiveness being a powerful weapon and how we need to forgive ourselves and others.  Dr. June shared her dream about forgiveness and how it turned into a children's book -  Snookums & The Fruit of Love - Say NO to Offense! Janet also explained that when people ask, "Why can't I bring deliverance to someone?" The key is forgiveness.  Forgiveness is the key to all ministry. Job 22 - Declare a thing.

Dr. Judy explained how we are all sunlight coming forth. Reflect on the things and allow light to be on us and portal open. Past is the past.

Personal Prayers:

    • Laurenda Whisenhunt's mother fell.
    • Katurah's neice Natalie & family


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