Day 10 of Prayer Call
January 10, 2017

Day 10 of Prayer Call

Passage: Matthew 9:29
Service Type:

Today's call was so amazing!  We had four people on the call -  Dr. June Knight, Dr. Judy Laird, Karin Duplessis and Steve & Karen Ashley. Dr. Judy started out telling us that the Lesson 10 in the book, Draw the Circle, is about Crazy Faith. She said she couldn't help but think about the man that was released down into the house by his four crazy friends. She proclaimed that today it was meant to be four crazy faith-filled believers on the call.

Scriptures she used:

Matthew 9:29, 17:20, 24:10

Mark 11:22

Luke 7:9, 12:28, 17:5

Dr. Judy proclaimed, "2017 word is that the Harvest is Plenty but Laborers are Few."  She also proclaimed that something today will be COMPLETE in our lives. #10 means complete.  Today is Crazy Faith Day. She charged the Bride to GIVE SOMETHING AWAY TODAY. GIVE. ASK GOD WHAT TO GIVE AND DO IT. USE CRAZY FAITH.

Dr. Judy also prophesied a vehicle for people that needed it. She encouraged the Bride to not doubt God.  She explains how she has received 5 automobiles in her life.

Dr. June told the story of how God gave her a brand new home supernaturally and turned around and asked for it back a year later to send her to Bible College. Then how she Battled God to give something away (her mother's inheritance ring)...and she finally obeyed the Lord believing that God was going to bless her children's educational fees. God ended up doing FAR MORE than she asked for.  Paid their tuition, bought them a car, wardrobe of clothes, paid all expenses, shopping spree in Lifeway Christian Bookstore, and paid for honeymoon for one son. So...God blesses radical obedience!

The team encouraged everyone that faith is the opposite of fear.

Following show...Dr. June prayed for individual needs:

  • Stacy Mitchell & dizziness
  • Josh Huffman - tumor on kidney
  •  Amy House - Mother and family
  • Ms. Smith - Other needs

We did the broadcast on WATB Radio. Listen Here:


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