Day 6 of Prayer Call
January 6, 2017

Day 6 of Prayer Call

Passage: Luke 11:8
Service Type:
Part One Part Two

Today on the prayer call we had Prophetess Janet Cruz, Prophetess Yvonne Walker, Prophetess Dr. Judy Laird, Intercessor Karin Duplessis, and Dr. June.  In the beginning the devil blocked Dr. June from being able to call in the prayer line. She was LIVE on Facebook so that followers so it as well. She called into the number and it wouldn't accept her code. After many attempts from home phone and other cell phones, Dr. Judy ended up calling and Dr. June was able to be in on call. The video is dark because Dr. June had to use an older phone to do the LIVE recording (due to the technical difficulties). Please agree with Dr. June for better equipment!

Janet Cruz shared the amazing healing story of how God healed her of a hole in the heart! We then prayed for many things, but one thing we prayed for in agreement with the Draw the Circle book is for the Bride to have LIMITLESS PRAYERS! Not to limit God or put Him in a box!

We then prayed:

  • Pastor David Meeks and family
  • Erica Livingston - Needed prayer as a worshipper for God to send her intercessors and help.
  • Tia Griffin - Has a son who has Double ear infection and strength for her.
  • Kimberly Fleming - For her to be able to accomplish her destiny the way God means it.


Dr. Judy felt led to pray against the Spirit of Rejection off the church. So, Dr. June testified as to how she was delivered of it this summer in Texas. So, Dr. June prayed for them.

Prophetess Janet Cruz gave a word about God releasing new marching orders.




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