Day 5 of Prayer Call
January 5, 2017

Day 5 of Prayer Call

Passage: Heb. 10:5
Service Type:

Today Dr. June, Dr. Judy, Karin & Lynsie all prayed for the following:

Corporately -

  •  The Bride to journal their visions and dreams.
  • We prayed for families - healing rain would come globally and restore families the way God meant them to be.
  • We prayed for the broken-hearted people.
  • Laborers for the harvest.
  • Every tent that goes up this year will be blessed.
  • Do a vision board - write the vision - revelation.

Individuals -

  • Crystal Light - Her dad's oldest sister & Crystal's seizures
  • Theresa Thomason's estranged husband passed.
  • Pastor David Meek's mother & daughter healings.
  • Beth Waller - Resolve in mother's death & restoration to brother.
  • Kashi &  Anthony -  Family and personal.
  • Magda Odendaal - SheNet Global's  Convention in March -
  • Lynsie Reed - personal requests.
  • Karin Duplessis - Pray for  Donald Trump and great inauguration.  Many other requests.
  • Dr. Judy Laird - Writing her book and clarity.

Words spoken through the Team:

  • Look up the word prayer, pray, prayed, etc., in the bible.
  • Dream big, aim high, never doubt and journal it!

The shortest pencil is longer than the longest memory - Mark Batterson, Draw the Circle Page 41



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