Send the 40 Day National Prayer Team to Washington, DC to Pray!

February 28 – March 4, 2018


Send the Team to Washington DC!


Team Names

Dr. June Knight – Tennessee
Prophet Kerry McMahonTexas
Minister Cathy BidwellTennessee
Ministers Mark Savoye & Jean SavoyeLouisiana
Intercessor Katrina GibsonFlorida
Evangelist Belinda Jewell – Great Smokey Mountains Tennessee
Revivalist Lynsie ReedTexas
Intercessor Angelic Torrez Arizona



We Need Your Help!

God strategically put this team together of various people from across the  United States to cry out to God on behalf of our nation. This team repents everyday for a different idol. God imparts into each of them something new to bring to the prayer. They are in a very intense warfare period for 40 days as they plow the heavens to ask God to forgive the church for the transgressions she has done against God. This repentance is each member’s way of laying down their lives for their country and believing that God is going to move mightily in our nation as a result.

Will you help send this team of prayer warriors to Washington D.C. to pray in many places along with the White House! God has blessed us with tickets!

See this video:

In addition to visiting the White House, we will do a tour of the Bible Museum. God gave Dr. June some collectors plates to donate:

See video:

On one day we will visit the city praying at specific monuments and destinations in partnership with other ministries. They have a program where you can pray throughout the city and get a t-shirt in the end in honor or praying for our country. This four day event will feature time in prayer throughout the city and visiting key places.

See Video:

These are the plates donated to donate to Bible Museum

Cost of Trip:

Transportation –  $200 per person (air)

Housing – $120 per person (includes four nights)

Tour Bus – $100 per person (one day tour through city)

Destination Fees – $50 per person (Bible Museum, etc.)

Food & Addt’l Items – $150 per person

Total – $620

Will you consider blessing this team and

funding their trip?  Thank you.

You can donate here: