We are the Bride Ministries believes Revival is sweeping the land! It’s all about the harvest and what God wants to do on the Earth. We are a ministry building platforms for the Bride of Christ to reach the masses. We highlight what God is doing in ministers across the globe.

We give a voice to the Bride that’s been hidden in the caves. (metaphorically speaking…the hidden bride..maybe they’ve been rejected by the current-day church because they’re prophets, revivalists, evangelists, prophets and the church didn’t allow them to exercise their gifts, etc.).

Our Ministries Are:

WATB.tv – This is highlighting the Bride through online television.

WATB Radio – This is an online radio station that highlights and promotes ministers and ministries across the globe. We tell their stories and hear the unadulterated word of God.

WATB Center is in Mount Pleasant, TN. This center is the first communications hub. It will encompass all of our ministry.

header3WATB BrideFest – These are bridal ceremonies where the Body of Christ participates in a wedding ceremony to experience the visual of what really happens when they 100% surrender their life and call to Jesus Christ. They die to their dreams, hopes, old man, their past, and give it ALL to God.

PRAYERheaderWATB Intercessory Prayer – This is a CLOSED group on Facebook where ministries can request prayer and other ministries come into agreement with them.


We are the Bride Series –

Volume 1 – Testimony of  a Broken Bride; Jesus is the True Husband (Released 09/23/15.


Book 2 & 3 – The Garden Twins!


Book 4 Releasing Soon!